Art Installation at Becton, Dickinson and Company

Award-Winning Art Installation

art installation - BD

In 1986, Arts Management Services LLC was part of the team commissioned to install two large sculptures. The piece shown above is titled Atrium Garden by Michael Singer and is located in the world headquarters of Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

art installation by AMS

Singer was commissioned to create works of art for two interior atrium spaces in the executive building of BD’s vast corporate campus.

Michael Singer art installation

“Both atria were planned by the architect to be central light wells for the building, providing natural lighting for the core circulation space as well as the adjacent offices and gathering spaces. Upon entering the building there is a view of the central Atrium Garden and its linear water element which carries one’s view deeper into the space.

Low dense ground cover blankets much of the sculpted ground plane, with several excavated shapes below the surface and around the fountain and water channel. These excavated areas contain different configurations of stone and wood forms.

art installation at BD

The garden may be viewed from the adjacent offices and walkways on the upper levels. The many viewpoints reveal different forms within the underground chambers. In the second atrium, which faces an outdoor courtyard, there is a wood and stone sculpture Cloud Hands Ritual Series 1986, an etched copper tablet and an old quarry cart. The elements of the sculpture and etched copper plate reflect the larger forms seen in the sculptural garden atrium.

art maintenance by Arts Management Services

This project won an American Institute of Architects Gold Award.”

Made of granite, pine, and field stone, I return for yearly maintenance to clean both pieces and apply repairs as needed which is infrequent.

Art repair - BD

Restoration has involved replacing rotted infrastructure elements supporting the granite. Other than these minimal repairs the piece is remarkably durable. An electrical leak in the ceiling above the Cloud Hands sculpture caused staining on several wood surfaces. The owners have chosen not to repair it due to the fact that the stains look just like knots in the pine surface.