Art Installation at Singer Studio Gallery

Gallery Installation

Art Installation - Michael Singer sculpture

Arts Management Services (AMS) provides installation, repair and maintenance for artists, museums and corporate collectors. One of our clients is the environmental artist and architect, Michael Singer. Our latest installation is one of his earliest sculptures which he created in the 70’s.

This is a sculpture he decided to keep rather than sell. We removed it from his storage facility and installed it in his Sculpture Gallery. This is just one of the many studio buildings at his summer residence in southern Vermont. He often refers to earlier work as part of his process for creating a new one. It’s always fascinating to see what results! Sometimes he even changes the earlier piece. Not this time – so far!

New Project

The installation is also part of a new project by Singer Studios to simplify instructions so that the many museums that own his artworks can exhibit them without the added expense of our help.This has become an important issue. Several years ago Michael asked AMS to study the question of why his work was not exhibited more often. As a result, we discovered that museums would be more likely to show his work if it was not so complicated or expensive to install.

We tried many instructional methods including video, 3-D instructions and transparent overlays. We tried everything with no success. AMS and Singer Studio staff used this piece to develop, test and refine yet another new way to create installation instructions. This time we tried photographing each element as we placed it on the sculpture, adding measurements and helpful comments on each photograph.


We found that our new instructional method was a complete success. It simplified the installation process so much that any museum preparator could do it themselves.

AMS then composed a draft letter to the museums which own Singer sculpture. Then Michael customized each letter and sent it, followed by phone contact. The response was very positive. As a result, our first customer for new and improved instructions is the Williams College Museum of Art, followed hopefully by MOMA and the Guggenheim.

The process for creating new instructions takes 1 week. It involves installing and de-installing a sculpture in a vacant room in the museum. AMS creates the new instructions. Singer studio pays all the expenses and the museum provides space and 1 person to assist.

This particular installation required one person for 4 full days. No repair was required. The piece is made of rough pine and field stone, and it’s in excellent condition.