Art Fabrication of a La Jolla Sculpture

Contemplative Garden and Shelter

The FabricationArt Fabrication by Arts Management Services

Michael Singer commissioned Arts Management Services to fabricate this swinging bench. He designed it as part of a large outdoor site-specific environmental artwork for a private collector on the beautiful California ocean seaside in La Jolla.

The piece is made of redwood, and the project took me approximately 40 hours to construct without assistance. Once completed Michael’s studio crew installed it.

Art Fabrication by Arts Management ServicesThe Sculpture

Michael Singer was commissioned to design and construct a sculpture, pavilion, pathway, and landscaping. His website describes it as follows:

A stepped and terraced pathway leads to the top of the hill where the shelter provides a place to view the ocean. The shelter walls are custom redwood trellises planted with vines. Layers of wood beams and trellis, transparent glass panels and planters form the roof of the shelter. A swing bench hangs from brass straps attached to the beams. The site for the granite and bronze sculpture Ritual Series/ Map of Memory 1990 is cut into the hillside; the surrounding earth is retained by a redwood wall containing planter pockets. Mesquite trees grow along the pathway and around the pavilion. The overlook landscape is carpeted with low ground covers and mosses with custom concrete steps and stepping stones emerging from the blanketed earth.